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We are a metaphysical healing center for self awareness and spiritual cleansing. empowerment healing for the mind body & Spirit. With a crystal gift shop. In the heart of schaumburg. We are passionate, experienced and gifted Energy healers, spiritual counselors, mentors and here to assist you in creating & living more of the life you desire. Helping one unfold and develop their natural born gifts and abilities. We offer a wide range of services from fun aura/chakra photo to deep healings & past life regression.
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Looking for oracle & tarot cards, crystals, jewelry, wall hangings, astrology charts and books crystals candles Sage Palo santo incense essential oils Salt lamps and powerful healing pendants. We have those too!

Awaken your mind body & spirit transform your life with intuitive divine light wisdom & healing guidance.

We look forward to assisting you on your journey to more peace, love, joy, awakening & empowerment!

Our Services

What We Do

Past Life Regression

We may find this experience incredibly powerful as our past lives often explain the reasons why we are who we are in this life. Every past life we have.. 

Reiki Healing

Our Sessions also help support change.  In energy work, change is the true medicine for long-term healing. In order to improve your well-being, “they” don’t need to change…you need to change.

Shamanic Healing

  There’s true magic in each one of us, and I honor and support the regions of the heart that choose for loving, no matter what..

Chakra Balancing

 Gentle and soothing chakra healing can help clear out negative energy and blockages that may be affecting your body 


We offer meditation and intuitive healing classes. Learn how to help others and yourself by gaining knowledge from our practitioners. In our classes you will learn:


What Clients Say


She is a gifted intuitive and was spot on for most, if not all, of our session. I felt like she knew me immediately and was able to give me clarity on some of the things that I'm battling lately. In addition, she has a calm and gentle presence that put me at ease. I sense that I will be back to see her as I begin this new stage in my life.


Amazing. I struggle to find words to describe the experience and highly recommend that if you have the opportunity to meet with her, TAKE IT. She's such a genuinely positive, open, and illuminating spirit. Our meeting changed my world view in ways that I had not expected ~ all for the better. I feel so much gratitude for the experience.


Candace is very tuned in and you can tell her intention is pure. I went for a reiki session with a medical reading. She was able to provide me with very specific answers to what was going on in my body and helped break down what I can and can't eat. She also suggested supplements as well as other alternative therapies I could try. She definitely has a gift. She spent a lot of time with me and was very patient with all of my questions. I would highly recommend her services.


The best way to describe my sessions with Mr’s Cooper would be nothing short of life changing. Her spiritual guidance is remarkable. Highly recommend her!

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Mr’s Cooper is such a sweet and gentle soul. I had my first session with her recently, and I can't begin to tell you how enlightened I felt after my first Reiki Session.

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